To get consumers to book their winter vacations far in advance rather than waiting last minute to increase the average booking value and be a source of advance bookings to supplier and destination partners


Let it Snow was a scheme and campaign created where as if consumers booked their winter vacation before Oct31st for travel Nov 1st to April 30th and it snowed more than 5” on January 1st, they would get their trip for free! Snow points were located throughout Canada and consumers qualified based upon where they lived. Supplier partners and destinations participated in this unique offer. An ice cream truck was driven across Canada giving away free snow cones to consumers to launch the campaign coupled with nation wide interviews and appearances.


Not only did it increased advanced sales by 49% at a higher rate per passenger of $400+ dollars…but it actually snowed more than 5” on Jan 1st of the 1st year it launched in Montreal giving 1000’s of Quebecers free trips becoming a major national news event garnering over $5 million in free PR.