In April of 2009, Swing Flu / N1H1 broke out and ground zero was Mexico. Mexican authorities had things in order quickly, but the damage was done and visitation plummeted to Mexico. The Mexico Tourism Board was in a tough spot because of course they can say ‘Green Light’, but how do you make it believable.


‘Operation Green Light’ was created featuring a National Television Campaign that featured a family entering Mexico and getting the ‘Green Light’ when they pressed the Customs button. The creative and tag line was ‘Time to Go to Mexico’. Who better than to say it was safe to go to Mexico post N1H1 but mothers. Four families won the chance to travel to Mexico in June and July and share their experience in real-time that everything was fine and it was Time to Go to Mexico.


Immediate peer to-peer content was shared with millions of consumers that received PR coverage nationally resulting in a return to pre N1H1 booking levels post the campaign